Vesper 1.001

June 30, 2013 by

1.001 is now available. Release Notes:

• Tags now hug the top of the keyboard during note editing.

• When adding a tag, “Next” starts the creation of a new tag.

• The Hamburglar visited the navigation bar.

• Tightened the radius of button corners.

• The confirmation alerts for deleting notes and photos have been modernized.

• Sidebar chevron no longer intrudes upon Credits screen.

• Fixed: canceling a search no longer causes the corners to go weird.

• Fixed a bug in tag suggestion dividers.

• Archive indicator now fades out instead of popping out.

• Fixed a bug where opening the browser, then tapping the Safari button could fail if you were quick enough to tap the button before the page had even started loading.

• Popovers are now white. Light is in.

• Bottom left corner of timeline is rounded when opening sidebar.

• Photos fade when deleting photo notes.

• If the search bar is hidden when you start dragging, it stays that way when you drag a note to the top of the list.

• Overall accessibility improvements.

• Credits tag bubble now the right shade of blue.

• “Remove Photo” popover is now an alert.

• URL pattern matching accuracy has been improved.

• Still not Craig’s dog.