Vesper 1.007

September 25, 2013 by

1.007 is now available. Release Notes:

• Design refreshed for iOS 7.

• Typography settings:

— Optional small caps (beautiful, give it a try) for note headlines.

— Adjustable text size and weight.

• Text rendering is improved tremendously, thanks to TextKit.

• 64-bit support on iPhone 5S.

• Photo attachments can now be sent via Messages.

• iPhone screenshots used as note photos now fill the screen.

• Status bar goes away when viewing photo detail.

• App version now included in Credits screen.

• Photos can now be copied with tap-and-hold.

• Brand new controls for photos and activities.

• Shortcut to choose last photo taken.

• Delete and archive controls now readily available in a note’s detail view.

• Performance enhancements in loading the timeline.

• Memory use enhancements in the timeline.

• Various and sundry bug fixes too numerous to document.