Vesper: Year One

June 16, 2014 by

It’s been one year since we first released Vesper. We’ve had two major updates: version 1.007, with full support for iOS 7, and just a few weeks ago, version 2.0, which added syncing. (Finally.) Today we released version 2.001, with a few bug fixes and one much-requested new feature: an “Untagged” notes group.

Given that Vesper is still only an iPhone app, sync is a “That’s great, but what’s in it for me?” feature for most people, but it’s already proving essential for me personally. I’m running the new betas of iOS 8 on my year-old iPhone 5, while I keep the stable version of iOS 7 installed on my iPhone 5S. I did the same thing last year with iOS 7 and 6, and it was a constant annoyance that my Vesper data wasn’t in sync between the two devices. This year, it’s a different story. Vesper Sync has been working exactly as designed: quickly, reliably, and almost invisibly.

We’re hard at work on Vesper for Mac, which is where sync is really going to shine. We’ve got a ton of great ideas on the board for Vesper on iOS too.

But before we get too carried away thinking about what we’re working on for Vesper’s second year, we thought we’d take a moment and raise a glass to celebrate the first one — and to thank all of you for supporting our work. So until we sober up, Vesper is available for just $2.99.